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Repairing Septic Tank Leaks Cuts Down On Property Hazards

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Septic tank maintenance is a responsibility that property owners should never ignore, but the lack of an obvious problem could lead to not checking up on the system. All seems well until a major leak is discovered. Catching troubles at the early stages is preferable, but things do not always work out this way. Sadly, when septic tank leaks continue unabated for extended periods, additional damage to a property could occur. To avoid major catastrophes, a property owner should look for anything amiss that indicates a septic tank leak. Doing so allows for initiating septic tank repair work at the earliest, less-costly stage. The Strange Arrival of Blue-Green Algae The news reports an extreme example of what happens when septic tank leaks occur. The western coastline in Florida has experienced a strange, seemingly inexplicable growth in blue-green algae. After careful inspections, it was discovered the mysterious growth the blue-green algae derived from bacteria coming from leaking septic tanks. Blue-green algae is more than just unsightly. The algae is toxic and may cause gastrointestinal problems and skin irritation. The algae did not appear overnight. Consistent inspections and follow-up septic tank repair work could have kept the problem from occurring. Homeowners should look at the situation in Florida as an example of what can happen when a septic tank is not properly cared for. Septic Tank Leaks Cause Damage If the liquids in an underground septic tank drip out, the end result could end up being very costly for a homeowner. Concrete that is consistently exposed to the dampness of the leaking septic tank may eventually end up cracking. Expensive concrete repair needs to be done and done quickly. The presence of damaged concrete creates a slip and fall hazard, another problem in which the homeowner must contend with. Leaks Create Landscape Calamities The landscape of a property may be affected by septic tank leaks.The poisonous sewage may end up be absorbed by the roots of trees. Trees are not going to live very long on a diet of sewage and bacteria. A dead tree is going to look awful on a property and also presents a host of safety risks. For example, it could collapse and cause damage to a home. Paying fees to a tree removal service is the only way to eliminate the hazard. Beware of Warning Signs A leaking septic tank leaves clues. Signs such as a lawn being weirdly soggy with horrible smells coming from under the ground should raise red flags. At the first sign of septic tank trouble, call in a service to perform an inspection to put and end to the situation before things...

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Ingenious Uses For Scrap Sheet Metal Around The Home

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That stack of sheet metal that you have hanging around in the garage from a major project doesn’t have to be left to deteriorate or hauled away to the local recycling or waste center. There are actually some fairly creative and ingenious things that you can do in the house if you have a few pieces of scrap metal in sheet form laying around. Even better, these projects are simple enough for even the most ill-experienced DIY homeowner and don’t require a lot of extra materials to complete. Create a heat-reflecting wall covering. Years ago when people often relied on a small heat source to keep their home warm, they often used some sort of metal sheet to help distribute the heat around the house.  Metal sheeting, such as that made of steel or aluminum, is quite effective at reflecting heat. If you have a sheet laying around, consider attaching it to a wall behind a heater or even around the fireplace. The heat that comes in contact with the metal will be reflected back out into the room, helping the space to be more evenly heated. Plus, with a little creativity, such as adding some inexpensive wood trim around the sheet, you will have a new eye-catching design feature in the house.  Use the metal to cover old workspace counters in the garage.  When you work on projects in the garage, you might encounter grease, grime, sawdust, and other substances, which can make your workspace counters dirty and unsightly. Cover these surfaces with scrap metal sheeting to give them an entirely new look. You can actually take metal sheets to a fabricator to have them bent if necessary to cover the edges and attaching the sheets is as simple as using a heavy epoxy-resin glue. Metal counter covers will help you keep the area clean going forward and offer an industrial appeal in the garage.  Use sheet metal to implement a protective backsplash in the kitchen.  Some areas of the kitchen are bound to get dirty during meal preparation, especially around the sink or stove. You can use scrap metal sheets to implement metal backsplashes to add an extra layer of protection to these areas. If you want to add a layer of texture, take the metal sheets you have to a metal fabrication shop and find out what metal stamping options they have available. You may come out with a sheet of metal stamped with intricate patterns or something that is totally unique....

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How You Can Promote Environmentally Beneficial Sustainability In Your Business

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In today’s world, minimizing your environmental footprint is extremely important to do your part in preserving the planet. This is especially true for business that creates a large amount of waste each day during normal production. If every business takes the time to put into place practices that support environmentally safer sustainability, the world would be a much ‘greener’ place for future generations. How You Can Help Feed Cows And Pigs Do you manufacture processed foods? If you do not, you probably still have plenty of food waste on a daily basis at your workplace. Instead of tossing food waste into the dumpster, put in a specially designed container and send it to local farms for feeding livestock. You may be surprised how fast a container will fill up, especially if you have several employees eating lunch and snacks during a normal workday. Think About The Wooden Pallets You May Be Tossing Out Many products are shipped on wooden pallets. Many of these wooden pallets end up in landfills when they could be recycled for other uses. By saving your pallets and sending them for recycling, you save trees from being cut down to make new pallets in the future. You can learn more about recycling wooden pallets by visiting your local recycling center. The time and effort you put into managing a sustainable company is worthwhile and can help you save the environment while also saving you money. Some Items You Throw Out Could Have Other Uses In The Workplace Did you know that you can mix old latex paint into cement mix for repairing your concrete flooring? This practice can not only save you money for concrete flooring repairs, it can also help use up old latex paint that is not recyclable. Many companies are incorporating uses for latex paint and the cans it comes in because they are not legally able to put them into a landfill. This is a great way to also brighten up your workplace flooring as well. Recycling The Fuels You Do Not Use Up Petroleum products can be recycled into lubricants and other types of fuels. Making sure your unused fuels and oils are taken to the recycling center in a timely manner matters a lot to the green environment you are trying to protect. Always remember that petroleum products never get too old to recycle. Dirty is oil or fuel is just that: dirty. Dirty petroleum products can be cleaned and reused when taken to appropriate recycling facilities. For more information on hazardous waste management, click...

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Oil Investment during the Current Glut

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In August of 2015, the Dow made a major correction, causing a sharp decline in stock prices. Oil futures also felt the impact, and by the end of the month, oil was trading at $42 a barrel, down from customary highs of $90–100 a barrel over the last decade. Although things might seem bleak in the oil business now, the long-term outlook is actually quite good for investors. In fact, this might be the best time in years to invest in an oil and gas partnership. Increased Oil Supplies United States oil production has doubled in the last six years. Canada and Iraq are also increasing their oil output. As a result, gas prices have dropped significantly, with the average price per gallon in the United States at approximately $2.60 a gallon. Even with oil prices going lower, the U.S. has continued to keep production high, and OPEC has refused to cut their production as well. As a result, the world currently has an oil glut. In the short term, the oil business is not booming for investors. Historically, however, the oil business continually experiences busts and then booms again.  Investment Opportunities Some experts believe that now is a prime time to invest in oil. In fact, Ted Izatt of SDKA International announced, “My view is that this oil decline is going to represent one of the biggest investing opportunities of our lifetime, of this generation.” Some countries will be forced to cut back on production and weaker US companies will not survive. The stronger companies will thrive and, in a few years, will be making enormous profits. Some analysts believe that oil has hit bottom; production will soon decrease, and by 2017, the prices will have rebounded to over $70 a barrel once again. Serious investors who are in the oil business for the long-term may benefit greatly from the current state of oil and gas in the United States. If you are interested in oil investment, do not let the current drop in crude prices dissuade you from becoming an oil partner. As long as you do not expect instant profits, you can plan on doing quite well in the future. Oil prices have traditionally bounced back after a downturn, and the world supply will not stay at its current high level. As long as you seek the advice of experts in the field and invest with a long-term strategy, you may well make record profits in the coming...

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Your Options For DIY Sewer Cleaning

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It’s not uncommon for sewer lines and drains to become clogged with fat deposits, hair and a wide variety of other debris that accumulates over time. Clearing these obstructions on your own can quickly turn into a time-consuming task without the right tools on hand. The following takes a look at a few options at your disposal when it comes to sewer cleaning: Snaking Through the Problem Augers or mechanical drain snakes remain a popular hand tool for clearing a wide range of sewer obstructions. The average snake consists of a length of coiled steel line fitted with a prong or cutting head at the end. On the other end is a mechanical hand crank that allows you to rotate the line and the head, giving you the ability to break through clogs and scrape away debris. As you can imagine, using a mechanical drain snake takes a lot of work and a considerable amount of time to finish. Fortunately, there’s another way of clearing sewer lines that’s a bit easier and less time-consuming. The Power of Pressure Washing Pressure washing is commonly used for a wide variety of outdoor cleaning tasks. Luckily, it can also be put to good use when it comes to your sewer lines. Pressure washers multiply the force of the water that normally comes through your garden hose, from an average of 40 to 60 pounds per square inch (PSI) to 1,000 to 4,000 PSI. That’s enough to cut through a wide variety of stubborn obstructions. Since it’s a bit difficult to snake a pressure washer wand through your sewer lines, you’ll need a flexible attachment that can snake its way through those hard-to-reach areas. This is where a sewer jetter comes into play. Enter the Sewer Jetter Professional sewer jetters are often mounted on trailers or skids, but fortunately, there are plenty of versions for the average do-it-yourselfer that easily attach to an existing pressure washer gun. The average jetter features a long high-pressure line with a jet head at the end. The head also features a set of back jets that blast away debris as it travels deeper through the line. Sewer jetter attachments are surprisingly affordable. According to CostHelper, the average price of a sewer jetter ranges from $20 to $150. In comparison, having a plumber jet your sewer line on your behalf could cost anywhere from $350 to $600. Understanding your options when it comes to cleaning sewer lines can be a big help, especially if you plan on doing the job...

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Helpful Points To Remember When Establishing A Medical Waste Disposal Process

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As a medical professional, treating your patients is only one part of your responsibility. You are also charged with the task of protecting your patients as well as the neighboring community from the spread of infectious diseases, viruses and other medical concerns. A part of accomplishing this involves properly disposing of your medical waste. Make certain this is a process you and your team understand. Recognize What Medical Waste Is When developing a waste disposal plan for your facility, make certain your team fully understands what medical waste is. Most people are aware that needles used for the purpose of drawing blood or a soiled bandage would be medical waste. However, in terms of medical waste, gloves used during a physical examination and expired medications are also considered waste. In terms of expired medications, in the wrong hands, certain medications have the ability to cause serious illness, or even death. Ensure your team understands that any tools, materials or medications used for care should be considered medical waste when disposed of.   Stay Abreast Of The Laws It’s one thing for the lead physician or administrative team to stay abreast of the laws as they pertain to medical waste, but it’s equally important for all members of your team to understand the local policies concerning this matter. Unlike many other medial issues, waste guidelines are not governed by the federal government. Instead, they are mandated by each individual state. This can often lead to inconsistency in processes from state to state. If you have team members that are new to the area, make sure they understand the polices that specifically apply in your area. Rely On A Professional Trying to manage a facility and stay abreast of the local laws can become an overwhelming task. Fortunately, this is an issue that you don’t have to navigate on your own. There are professional medical waste disposal companies like TransChem Environmental available to take over the task for you. These professionals come into your facility and establish a waste disposal process based on your specific needs. This doesn’t just ensure you stay in compliance, but it also allows you to focus your effort on your patients, which is most important. The greater effort you put into properly disposing of your medical waste, not only the more you will be confident in the care you provide, but also the more confident your patients will be in you. Make certain you are keeping waste disposal a top priory in your...

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Answering Common Questions About Tree Trimming Services

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Having majestic trees on your property can be one of the most elegant additions that you can have for your property. However, it is possible for these plants to suffer extensive damage from a variety of sources, and when this happens, it may be necessary to remove that portion of the tree. In these instances, you will need the services of a tree trimming expert, but if you have never hired a professional tree trimmer, you may benefit from the following answers to common questions. Can You Trim Your Tree Without Professional Help? Many people will want to avoid having to pay a professional to trim their trees, and while this may seem like an understandable goal, it should be noted that individuals are generally not advised to perform this type of work themselves. Controlling where a tree branch will land when it has been trimmed is a highly difficult task, and even the slight miscalculation can send the branch crashing into something valuable.  In addition to these risks, it is also important to hire a professional for liability reasons. If you were to accidentally damage your home by doing this work yourself, there is a strong chance that your insurance policy would not cover this damage. By working with a professional, you can rest easy knowing that you are protected from the financial repercussions of an accident.  What Happens To The Trimming Debris? Once the tree trimmers have finished, there is a chance that you may have a substantial amount of debris. Sadly, disposing of these branches can be difficult because they are extremely heavy, and while there are tree trimming companies that will haul this material off for their clients, there is usually a rather pricey additional charge for this service.  Fortunately, there is often an option that will allow you to have these branches disposed of without having to pay for it to be hauled away to a landfill. This is done by having the branches ground into mulch. Most tree trimming companies have the equipment to do this with them at all times, and they will usually offer this option to you when discussing how to handle the debris from the project.  Having the trees on your property trimmed can be a major project because of the sheer size of these plants. If you are considering trimming one of the trees in your yard, understanding the importance of having a professional do this work and the options for disposing of the debris from this work will help you to better understand what having your trees trimmed will be like. To learn more about tree trimming, contact a company like J&T Tree...

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Spring Cleaning Tips

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Spring is a great time to get unwanted clutter out of your home. Many people pick springtime because they will be too busy in the summer months and because you can finally open windows during the cleaning process, allowing you to get fresh air while working with dusty items. Here are a few tips you can use to make your springtime cleaning regimen easier and quicker. Start With Decluttering Before you can get down deep into scrubbing with cleaner, remove all unwanted clutter from within the home. This will free up some room around the home, making it easier to clean in the process. Make piles of the items you are no longer wanting to keep. Sort them by things you intend on selling and things you want to give away. Throw away things you do not think will make money or that you believe no one will want for themselves. Renting A Dumpster The easiest way to get rid of unwanted belongings is to hire a dumpster in which you can dispose of them. A dumpster can be placed right on your front yard, making it easy for you to bring out items to throw inside. Large items can be placed in a dumpster, saving you the hassle of strapping them to trucks or on top of cars to find areas you can throw them away. See if the dumpster company (such as Tri-State Disposal) you call recycles, as well. They might have a separate container they can rent to you for recyclable items.  Make Cleaning Fun Try to involve the whole family when cleaning so you do not need to do all the work yourself. Designate a different room for each family member so they can enjoy the complements they receive when they have finished straightening and removing dirt from the room. Make the event one that can be exciting by sharing finds within each room with other family members. Take the time to reminisce over items you haven’t seen in a while. Cleaning Tips When you have finally gotten rid of clutter, you can clean down the walls using a household cleaning spray and paper towels or a clean cloth. Wear gloves to protect your skin when working with chemicals or very dirty areas. Dust wooden furniture with lemon oil to give pieces a healthy shine. Finish up each room by vacuuming. This should be done last so all the particles you may have knocked on the floor by cleaning other items can be...

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Buying A Water Filter For Your Home? What You Need To Know

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Water filters can be a great way to make sure you’re drinking the cleanest water possible without spending too much money. However, when you are buying water filters for the first time, you may not be sure what to look for. Here are some things to keep in mind as you search for the right water filters for your home. Know How Clean Your Water Is The first step to getting the right filter is to know what your water is like. You can get in touch with your local utilities authority or the entity that sends your water bill, as they should be regularly testing the water. You might want to check the national Environmental Protection Agency website, as many towns and cities have made their water reports available there. You can also get a home test kit and test the water yourself.  When you know what is in your water, you can make better decisions about the filter you need. Remove Sediment and Silt with a Whole House Filtration System To remove sediment, silt and rust from your drinking water, you may need a filtration system for your entire home, not just for your drinking water. A filtration system treats all the water going into your home, so that you don’t have to worry about getting sediment and silt in your washing machine or bathtub. A whole house filter must be attached to your water supply line; if you are uncomfortable attaching the filter yourself, enlist the help of a plumber so that you don’t cause any damage or do anything incorrectly. Remove Odors and Strange Flavors with Carbon Filters If you are concerned about your tap water because it has a strange odor or taste, you may need a carbon filter for your sinks. Because the activated carbon has a positive charge, the negative ions of chlorine and other odor-causing substances are attracted to it and are removed from your drinking water.  Carbon filter cartridges must be changed on a regular basis, so that the substances removed from your water do not have the chance to breed bacteria. You can also use an ultraviolet filter along with a carbon filter. That will zap bacteria for you. Remove Harmful Contaminants with Reverse-Osmosis Filters Carbon filters cannot filter out some substances, including lead and some parasites, so a reverse-osmosis filter may be better for you if you know your water contains substances you know to be harmful to your health. This kind of filter is usually installed underneath the sink and directly connected to the plumbing in your home. With the information above, you have the information you need to make smart choices about the right water filters for your home. Soon, you’ll be enjoying clean...

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Solar Energy System: Why It Is Good For Green Living

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Do you want to adapt to a lifestyle of green living to save money? One of the things you can consider is investing in solar energy as a means for obtaining electricity for your home. Below, learn how you can live greener with a solar energy system and how much you can expect to pay for one. What Makes a Solar Energy System Ideal for Green Living? A solar energy system is great when you want to live green because it will give you energy without paying for it. You will have a system that consists of multiple solar panels that are covered in photovoltaic cells. The cells produce electricity by using photons from the sun to separate electrons and atoms. Electrons are collected on areas of the cells called metal conductive plates, which are connected to the electrical wiring in your home to give you electricity. There are several ways for you to get a solar energy system installed. You can purchase a kit that allows you to install the solar panels on your own if you are good at following directions. A professional can also install the solar system for you, which is in your best interest if panels will be installed on the roof. There are also solar energy kits that can be installed by getting mounted to the ground, but will be visible on your property because they are so large. Once you have a solar energy system, you won’t have to worry about an electric company turning your power off if you get into a financial bind. The only way you will not get electricity is if the solar panels are unable to make contact with the sun. However, solar panels are very reliable and should have enough energy saved in the metal conductive plates to cover your electrical needs on cloudy days. How Much Does a Solar Energy System Cost? If you want your home to receive all solar energy, you can end up spending an average of $10,000 to $45,000. The cost of your solar energy system will depend on how many kilowatts you want and the quality of the solar panels. The complexity of installing the solar energy system can also factor into the price. Investing in a solar energy system is a good idea no matter how much it costs, as you will save money on electricity in the long run. For more information, contact Ask HR Green or a similar...

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